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Find a need and fill it.

The BCM Studio is founded on the idea that all businesses are created equally. Everyone files the same forms, calls the same numbers, and speaks to the same amount of lawyers. But that's where the equality ends. One company may easily find angel investors or have a stroke of good luck, while another may hit roadblock after roadblock.

We believe in leveling the playing field. Whether you've had good luck or bad, The BCM Studio can assist you in delivering the same quality goods and services as the top performing competitors in your business category. And we don't just stop there. We use our past experiences to help you overcome any hurdles that may appear and climb over any obstacles you may reach. To us, nothing is insurmountable with enough time and experience.

The Team

 Learn more about each team member below.


Andrew costaris
Operations director // Founder

Andrew has worked in the cafe industry for the past 5 years. Starting as a barista at a cafe located in Denville, NJ, he worked his way up to Director of Marketing & Operations within 2 years. He went on to open 6 franchised locations and was responsible for leading all marketing and operations efforts, including on-premise coffee roasting.

He also founded This Is Morristown, a community platform for residents of Morristown, NJ.

Faith Leuzarder
Creative MAnager

Coffee, creativity and a passion for small business have been the inspirations behind all of Faith’s business endeavours. In High School, Faith taught herself Web Design and the basics of coding. From there, she embarked on a journey that would lead her to Freelancing, working at an Advertising Agency, and serving as a Private Marketing Consultant for a number of high-profile clients.

These experiences inspired her to open her own business, Light & Sweet Coffee Candle Co. This strappy business venture continues to catch fire among the coffee community; it has gained notoriety as an innovative, must-have item for coffee lovers from publications such as Woman's Day Magazine and Buzzfeed.